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Art & Faith Conversations

May 26, 2017

We are joined by author, musician, marionette puppeteer, Philip Shorey who just released his debut book, Kill Your Art.

Philip grew up in the 80's traveling the country in a camper with his parents doing puppeteer evangelism.  In college, Philip turned to music and had his sights set on film design and composition. But on a spring break trip to Brazil, Philip performed his marionette theater show in a brothel for pimps, prostitutes and witch doctors and God "wrecked" his heart for the sake of the gospel.  Philip saw how God could use his theatrical art form to transform lives.  Philip is a 4th generation marionette evangelist and travels the world with the Suitcase Sideshow marionette puppet theater he founded. Philip shares some incredible stories.  His boldness and heart of surrender is contagious and will inspire you!