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Art & Faith Conversations

Aug 23, 2018

Author, David Taylor, joins me on this episode to talk about several topics that include the state of the union of art and faith culture, dance, beauty and how pastors should care for artists in their church.  He is Assistant Professor of Theology and Culture at Fuller Seminary and Director of the Brehm Center in Texas.  He was an arts pastor for 10 years in Austin, Texas and has authored many books, his most recent one being The Theater of God's Glory: Calvin, Creation and the Liturgical Arts.  In 2016 he produced a short film with Bono and Eugene Peterson to talk about the book of Psalms.  

David completed his THM at Regent College and a THD at Duke Divinity School.  He has published many essays and articles and has a new book due out soon called Worship and the Arts.    

You can find out more about him on his website