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Art & Faith Conversations

Mar 22, 2018

Dancer, author and educator Marlita Hill talks with us about her 3rd book, "Defying Discord."  Her passion is to liberate artists to live in harmony with their artistic career and faith lives.  She takes a raw and honest approach to asking questions about how to represent the kingdom no matter where we work.  She is the founder of The Kingdom Artist Initiative(KAI), which is a discipleship program for artists working in secular culture.  Marlita shares some raw details about her past with porn addiction and lack of self-confidence and how God used the gift of her art of dance to heal her.  

She lives in Los Angeles and has a BFA from Towson University. She founded her own dance company, "Speak Hill Dance Project" and also leads the Artists Prayer Collective in partnership with The Salvation Army, Hollywood.  Marlita speaks at retreats, universities and churches and is available to speak for events.  

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"Defying Discord" is available on her website and Amazon.