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Art & Faith Conversations

Dec 8, 2017

Salt of the Sound is made up of husband and wife, Ben and Anita Tatlow.  Anita joined us to talk about their music and the niche they've found in ambient music to create soundscapes for prayer and reflection.  Ambient music is described as atmospheric vs traditional musical structures or rhythms.  Anita shares about how their music allows for questions and conversations about what others traditionally think "christian music" is.  

Salt of the Sound describe themselves as "peace in audio form."  Their latest album titled, "In Prayer" is a 17 min journey through meditation and reflection and is paired with a video compiled of clips listeners sent in from all over the world of places they considered to be prayerful.  

They also create under a second project name called Narrow Skies which focuses more on seasons and nature and providing a soundscape with that focus.   

You can find their music on digital stores including Spotify, iTunes and YouTube where you can also find their lyric videos.