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Art & Faith Conversations

Aug 28, 2021

Josh Tiessen is a visual artist based in Ontario Canada. He has coined his style as narrative hyperrealism and often juxtaposes animals in abandoned remnants of human civilization to highlight irony and parody, the hallmarks of postmodern art.

As a teenager, ranked among the world’s foremost realist artists, Tiessen was juried in as the youngest member of International Guild of Realism, Artists for Conservation and Society of Animal Artists, elite groups of the top nature and wildlife artists worldwide. As a young adult, Art Renewal Center designated him “Associate Living Master,” and New York based gallery Jonathan LeVine Projects awarded him First Place from 2000 artists in their international competition Search for the Next Great Artist. LeVine presented the emerging artist’s debut international solo exhibition in May of 2019.

His thematic body of work titled, "Streams in the Wasteland" exhibited in 2019 and is now available in its entirety in a hardcover monograph book. Each painting has an original score of music composed by his brother, Zac Tiessen, and is included with the book or available to listen on Spotify and Apple Music.

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