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Art & Faith Conversations

Apr 27, 2022

Allison Davis is a writer and photographer who chose to embark on an adventure of photographing the west coast of the United States in 30 days. It was the height of the pandemic, her calendar of doing wedding photography was wiped clean and she was ready to take a risk. Fueled by passion and faith, she set out to capture all that she could with her camera in a 30 day trip along the west coast. Not knowing what each day would hold, she found herself bearing wtiness to unfathomable beauty all along the way. She encourtered endless wildfire smoke, high winds on the edge of cliffs, sun breaking through the darkness and countless other captivating moments. She's compiled them all into a book called, Revealed at the Edge, which is available to pre-order and includes prayerful meditations as a compantion to the stunning landscape images.  To find more out more visit:

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