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Art & Faith Conversations

Jun 19, 2019

Live discussion with author and advocate, Belinda Bauman and visual artist, Natalie Salminen Rude, on the partnership of entering empathy through works of art. Belinda founded One Million Thumbprints(OMT) which exists to end violence against women and girls in conflict zones. She recently released her book, Brave Souls-Experiencing the Audacious Power of Empathy, to tell the stories of the women she met in Congo. The transformational work of empathy Belinda witnessed among their sisterhood to help each other heal from violent crimes of war against them is what changed Belinda's life. One woman in particular gave Belinda permission to tell the world her story and signed her name with her thumbprint. 

Belinda realized she needed creatives and artists to help share these stories that were too difficult to hear unless wrapped in the beauty of artistic expression. Natalie, a visual artist who specializes in encaustic, was commissioned to do a painting for OMT and part of the weekend events was her revealing the painting at singer/songwriter Josh Garrel's concert. Josh Garrels has collaborated with OMT in the past and wanted to highlight it at his recent concert in Minneapolis.

Prints are available to purchase and go towards the efforts of meeting the needs of women in war zones.

To find out more about OMT and purchase Belinda's book: