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Art & Faith Conversations

Jun 6, 2017

Vincent Hardy shares his incredible testimony of discovering dance after battling obesity most of his young life and found himself at 315 pounds in 8th grade.  As he started dance classes, the weight began to fall off and Vincent found his voice and a confidence he had never known.  He excelled in dance and went on to get a full scholarship to the University of the Arts in Philadelphia where he earned a BFA in ballet performance.  His senior year,  he joined "Complexions" Contemporary Ballet Co. with director, Desmond Richardson and traveled the world.  

Vincent continued to encounter God along the way which led to a transformed life of surrender and getting his masters at University of California, Irvine, on a full scholarship.  Vincent felt the need for dancers to have a place for training professionally and also being equipped spiritually.  He felt challenged with the decision to invest in growing his career vs. growing a generation.

This led Vincent to establishing which is a growing platform for believing artists to share their faith filled art with freedom and confidence.  It has an online platform as well as a workshop to attend.  You can find their youtube channel here.   

Tune in to hear more of Vincent's inspiring testimony and check his work out on youtube or on Instagram @ziondanceproject.