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Art & Faith Conversations

Jun 13, 2017

Award winning recording artist Ginny Owens sat down with us to talk about her most recent album, Love be the Loudest.  She reveals the story behind the title as she speaks candidly about living in a sea of noise as a blind person who hears many voices all day.  Like all of us, Ginny wrestles with that same voice we hear in our heads that tell us we aren't worthy or good enough.  In the past couple of years, Ginny experienced some vocal issues and also discovered a benign tumor in her abdomen.  That season of fire led her to declare to choose God's voice of love to be the loudest one she hears no matter what she goes through.  

Ginny received critical and commercial acclaim starting in the late 90's when she released her debut album, Without Condition, under Rocketown Records.  She was named New Artist of the Year in 2000 by The Gospel Music Association and earned two additional Dove Awards.  She had several radio hits that followed and also her music used for television and film.  She co-authored a book with Andrew Greer called Transcending mysteries: Who Is God and What Does He Want From Us (Harper Collins 2015).  You can find more about her, her music and other projects at

You can view her most recent music video and also see her "How I See It" series of videos where she gives a glimpse into her daily life of how she performs daily tasks to help inform the public and her fans about living with blindness.