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Art & Faith Conversations

Jun 27, 2017

We wrap up our first season of the podcast and take a look at how far we've come in a few short months since its birth.  We share, transparently, how podcasting was not exactly what we felt experienced at but it's what we felt called to do and God is looking for obedient hearts to spread His love and message.  We see the community that is already gathering through our conversations over these last couple of months and it's showed us that we are not alone.   

Our guests shared three recurring themes even though they came from all different walks of life.  One of those themes was that we all need community and that is why we're here!  We have loved hearing from each guest and thank you to our listeners for your support.  We will be having some bonus episodes throughout the summer and a giveaway or two so follow us on Instagram

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Season 2 will begin in September!

Happy listening!