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Art & Faith Conversations

Jan 23, 2019

I'm joined by Alisha Siemens and Adam Goldstein, Minnesota founders of the global company, Shema. They started Shema to be an apparel brand and company that addresses and alleviates poverty and human trafficking. Hear their inspiring story behind the vision and calling they received to provide restoration and sustainable employment through sewing co-ops to women being rescued out of human trafficking. Alisha and Adam have been working for the last few years with clothing designers to come up with apparel items that are ethically sourced and are competitive in the fashion market today. They share with us the many obstacles they've faced, including not being able to take a salary for the past 3 years. In the midst of it all, they've seen miracles as well as they continue to say yes to this calling and mission. 

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t-shirt and hoodie they are unveiling in their first ever pre-sale event titled PREFACE.