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Art & Faith Conversations

Jun 21, 2023

Jane Boutwell is an artist who describes herself as having an inquisitive mind, a heart connected to nature and a soul yearning towards God…a child of dirt and dance…a beauty bringing blessing writer… a poetic painter and potter.

Her creative work includes tactile, intuitive, and deeply-in-touch-with-nature ways of being in the world. She finds her passion in a variety of creative mediums and expressions which include gardening, quilting, writing, painting, sketching, ceramics, dancing, creative coaching, podcasting, and family life with her husband and four children in the Atlanta Georgia area. 

We take a deep dive into a mini series she featured on her podacst, Growing Creative, about living a life of listening and how vital it is as a practice for our creative and spiritual lives. 

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The Birdhouse Retreat Center

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