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Art & Faith Conversations

Sep 28, 2017

Author of The Turquoise Table, Kristin Schell, joins us! She talks about "Finding Community and Connection in Her Own Front Yard" and describes how her desire to practice the ministry of presence turned into a movement of hospitality that spread across the world.  Krisitin painted a picnic table turquoise, set it up in her front yard and spent intentional time out there to get to know her neighbors.  She confesses that she needed to learn the difference between entertaining guests vs. hospitality.  God showed her through the Turquoise Table that being present was what He was calling her to.   She used her creativity to gather others around the table and she now describes herself as a "holder of stories" as others tell her about their own turquoise table experiences.

You can find more info about the book and Kristin at

Her book is available at retail book stores nationwide and online.