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Art & Faith Conversations

Apr 5, 2019

Chris Soal is a visual artist based in Johannesburg, South Africa. He graduated from the university there in 2017 and won the PPC Imgainarium award in 2018. He is known for creating large bodies of work out of ordinary objects such as toothpicks and bottle caps. With his sculptures of found objects, Chris finds that it challenges the viewer's perception of the ordinary materials and leads them to deeper questions about what and who we ascribe value to and why. He describes his practice as being concerned with the materiality of objects so common that they have become invisible to us.

Chris gives us an idea of the art and faith culture of Johannesburg and how it's different than other parts of the world. He also describes the story of how his fascination with these ordinary materials began with a moment of disappointment but has led him to meaningful discoveries in his faith and creativity. 

See photos of these amazing sculptures on Chris's website:


Live Podcast Event April 18th