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Art & Faith Conversations

Apr 24, 2019

Improv comedy performer, Dave Ebert talks about his path to his purpose of making people laugh. He shares about his past battles with depression and suicidal thoughts and God's still small voice telling him to live one more day. Dave chose to live one more day and climbed out of that darkness by finding a new purpose in spreading joy and making people laugh. He founded HAHA Men Sketch Comedy and Improv Troupe and in 2018 launched PureFest, a faith based improv and sketch comedy festival. 

Dave's story will inspire you to see that there is hope in any situation and suicide is not the end of your story. He is an advocate for suicide prevention and is training to become a licensed minister to help others. To find out more about his work visit:


If you are struggling with suicidal thoughts and depression, Dave shares his email to reach him at if you need to talk. 

Twitter @Gifts4Glory and @PureFestChicago

Facebook @GiftsforGlory and @PureFestChicago.