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Art & Faith Conversations

Nov 17, 2023

David Taylor returns to the podcast to talk about his latest book, A Body of Praise-Understanding the Role of our Physical Bodies in Worship.

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We discuss our five senses as the way we experience God's closeness and grace and how artists give us language and portals to engage our senses more fully in worship and life. David aruges that the body is not merely a neutral spectator or something to overcome but that God has an essential purpose for good for our bodies in worship. 

David Taylor is a theologian, author, speaker, priest, and director of initiatives in art and faith. A professor at Fuller Theological Seminary, he has lectured widely on the arts, from Thailand to South Africa. He has written for The Washington Post, Image Journal, Theology Today, Worship, Religion News Service, Christianity Today, and Books & Culture, among others. He lives in Austin with his wife Phaedra, a visual artist and gardener, and his daughter Blythe and son Sebastian.

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