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Art & Faith Conversations

May 25, 2018

Matt Tommey is an artist of sculptural basketry in which he harvests materials from nature to create elegant and rustic sculptures for luxury mountain homes in North Carolina.  He has been in the marketing world and his artistry was a hobby for most of his life until he lost almost everything to the economy and God transformed his pattern of thinking from struggling and striving to thriving and freedom.  Matt is a mentor and speaker and has an online mentorship program for artists as well as a yearly retreat called Gathering of the Artisans.  

We discuss his newest book, "Created to Thrive", and his passion for helping artists live the life they were divinely designed for.  Matt also hosts a podcast called the "The Thriving Christian Artist" that you can find on iTunes and Stitcher and Google Play.  To visit his website for more info and find him on social media:

Facebook/Instagram: @matttommey