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Art & Faith Conversations

Nov 3, 2017

Steve Rooks is a compelling artist as a dancer and choreographer.  He creates works for dance companies all over the world and currently teaches at Vassar College.  You don't have to be a dancer to appreciate his wisdom about the responsibility of being a professional artist living out the gospel in today's world.  If you're a late bloomer, you'll love Steve's story of discovering dance post-college and how it changed the course of his life as he then received a full scholarship to train at the Alvin Ailey School of Dance and shortly after became a principal dancer with Martha Graham Company.  He discovered the love of Christ when he first walked into the Brooklyn Tabernacle Church and was overwhelmed with a feeling of grace vs condemnation.  He has so much depth and wisdom about being a believer and involved in the arts.  Grab a journal, you'll want to take notes!