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Art & Faith Conversations

Oct 7, 2022

Rachel Marie Kang is an author and poet releasing her frist book, Let There Be Art: The Pleasure and Purpose of Unleashing the Creativity within You.

The book serves as an invitation to create right where you are and dispels the myths that art is reserved for only an elite few. She explores the ordinary acitivities of life such as cooking, play, silence, and laughter and invites readers to discover the creativity within all of us  and encourages us to create right where we are with what we have. Rachel is a NY native and founder of The Fallow House. She has a degree in English with Creative Writing from Nyack College and has contributed to Chrisitianity Today, Provers 31 Ministries and (in)Courage. 

Let There Be Art is avaialbe for pre-order with bonuses and a release day of Oct. 11. See link for details

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The podcast is an extension of an arts collective that creates spiritually formative resources through embodied expressions.

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