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Art & Faith Conversations

Dec 2, 2022

Bette Dickinson returns to the podcast to talk about the inspiration for her series of paintings in her new book, Make Room in Advent: 25 Devotions for a Season of Wonder. Bette appeared as a guest on the podcast in Septemeber to tell us about the book. In this episode we dive deeper into why the Church needs to integrate more art into spiritual practices and how art actually makes room in our lives for God to speak. We discuss right and left brained church and artists as being essential workers in leading others into deeper, more meaningful spiritual lives. The book is available to order anywhere books are sold.

At the end of the episode Bette leads a visio divina practice and a breath prayer.

To view the painting for the visio divina, text "wonder" to 55444 or click Visio Divina

Bette Dickinson

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